Luxurious Beach Bags Every Sun Chaser Needs

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Let’s get serious ladies, you know you aren’t going anywhere without some awesome beach accessories. Whether you’re getting ready to explore the sandy shores overseas or to bask in the sun at a local beach, there are some beach accessories that no lady should ever have to go without. But no one wants to lug around a massive beach bag or heavy travel backpack either. So, we’ve put together this list for the sun chasers of this world; a list of must-have beach bags for every type of beach babe out there. 

The Perfect Beach Bag For Every Beach Babe

No matter the type of beach-goer you are, Bohocean has the perfect beach bag for you.  

The Beach Beauty Queen Needs an Accessories Bag

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We’ve all been a culprit of tossing our beauty essentials in a beach bag, only to find them melted with the lid off and sand embedded into the product when you go to use them. But with an elegant beach accessory bag, you don’t have to worry about that. Throw in your cosmetics, SPF lip chap, beach wave spray, highlighter, phone, charger, and whatever else you want to keep clean, safe and secure in your beach bag.


The "I Only Need a Towel" Girl Needs a Luxury Beach Towel

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Your beach towel is the most important accessory. Anyone who has ever taken a cheap beach towel that doesn’t properly dry them off or that is so thin you can feel the hard lumps of sand through the fabric when you’re laying down knows exactly what we’re talking about. Your beach towel matters, ladies.

In other words, if nothing else, invest in a luxury beach towel. When you’re not in the water, you’ll be laying on your towel as you catch some sun-kissed skin so you want to make sure it’s big and comfy. Oh, and a stylish beach towel that also dries you off helps!

Our Bohocean luxury beach towels show you exactly what you’ve been missing out on if you’ve always just grabbed whatever towel you could find. They’re luxuriously soft, made from brushed microfiber with 100% cotton for extra absorption, and they allow you to bring the tropical vibes everywhere you go.


The Frolicking Sun Chaser Needs a Fanny Pack

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We all have that one friend who doesn’t want to carry a large beach bag to the sandy shores, and maybe that friend is you. If so, you’ll be happy to know that fanny packs are back and they’re even better than what they once were. The beautiful fabric on our luxury beach fanny packs makes them perfect for the days when you go from the beach to the boardwalk bars, as they look elegant in every setting. They have a decent amount of space for your must-haves, such as your smartphone, cosmetics, I.D., cash, and keys!


The Overnight Beach Go-Ever Needs a Weekender Bag

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When you’re in love with the beach, you’ll do anything to spend a little more time frolicking in the sand and if that sounds like you, a beach weekender is definitely for you. These luxury beach bags are big enough to store your most important beach accessories and everything else you need to survive a night or two.


The Basic Beach Goer Needs a Beach Tote

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There is nothing wrong with being a basic beach goer. You take what you need and that’s it and because of that, you only need a beach tote that can store some key beach accessories. So, check out our stunning collection of beach tote bags, toss in your cell phone, throw in a beach towel, your wallet and maybe even a bottle of sunscreen and you’re off.


Now you’re ready to hit the sandy shores. Toss your beach accessories into your new beach bag, whether it’s a beach duffle bag, a beach weekender, or a beach backpack, and you have everything you need for a fun day basking in the sun.