Breathing techniques 101

As you all know, our bodies are our temples. We take care of them and respect their servitude.

But only a few people know how to control them. Our bodies are powerful entities, with most of their power unknown to us.

So how do you unlock your inner, hidden strength? You first need to learn how to properly breathe.

Can you actually breathe incorrectly?

Breathing is something that comes to us naturally. We are born and the first two things that we do is breathe and cry.

Most of the time, we breathe like a natural reflex. We don't think much about it, it just happens naturally, as a habit.

But when it comes to habits, there are good habits and then there are bad habits. Even when it comes to something as beneficial as breathing, there is a wrong way to do it.

It is up to you whether you want to work hard in order to correct your wrong habits or not.

So how do I breathe correctly?

First, get comfy. Prepare your space so that you're free of distractions like your phone or your television.

Stand up straight and inhale through your nose. Feel the air going straight to the center of your body.

When it's there, make sure that you use your diaphragm. Most of your inhaling should be done using these muscles.

Take a deep breath and then exhale slowly. Continue doing this while making sure that you have a rhythm.

The rhythm in which you breathe will provide you with the appropriate benefits. If you breathe quickly you will pump up and get tired.

But, if you have a calm and relaxed rhythm, that will pass over to your body. You will feel more relaxed and peaceful.

How to keep doing it

So, we have taught you how to breathe in the way that you were designed to. But how do you keep doing it all day?

It's much more simple than you might think. All you have to do is set some reminders throughout your day to check how you're breathing.

For example, you can choose some points in your day. Like when you turn off your alarm, when you brush your teeth or whenever you're checking your phone.

However, there's an even more difficult challenge that you will have to face. To keep breathing like that regardless of your emotional situation.

We all have been to the point where we are crying, we are angry, we are shouting and we're struggling to breathe. And it makes sense.

When you become emotionally unstable, you stop breathing rhythmically. That disrupts your body and your aura and makes you even more unstable.

When it comes to that, try and stop yourself as fast as you can. Have a personal time-out and focus on your breath.

Try and bring back the rhythm. Take deeper breaths, spend more time inhaling and exhaling and you will see that you will feel calmer in just a few minutes.

Overall, remember that your breath is to your body what the drums are to a marching band.

It controls most of your bodily functions and a good breathing technique contributes to better overall health.

Keep calm and breathe on!

Alexandra Adascalitii