How to make your home more boho

Our home is our sanctuary. It is our safe space where we spend a big portion of our daily lives.

These days, a lot of people spend even more time inside their house. Some people even work from home.

A nicely decorated home can bring you inner peace. If you decorate it yourself and you do it with love, you become spiritually connected to it.

When you decorate your place you put your heart and soul into it. The people who enter will be immediately surrounded by your aura.

So today we bring you a few ideas to incorporate your bohemian chic style into your house.

Ethnic patterns are your ally

Most items in our houses have some kind of pattern on them. That includes our blankets, our coverings, etc.

We live in a world that only has two sides. Those sides are chaos and order, and sometimes they co-exist.

As humans, we are surrounded by patterns and that's because we love them and their order. Patterns are predictable, and we love predictability after all.

You can take inspiration from other ethnic groups on which patterns you can include in your home.

For example, Indian patterns are very colorful and have a wide range of shapes. They are characterized by their symmetry and lack of geometric shapes.

On the other hand, South and Native American patterns are a bit less colorful and much more geometric. They are known for their warm colors and their abundance of lines and squares.

Plants, plants everywhere

Plants are more than just a simple decoration. They are a form of life and a source of happiness.

Their presence can transform a lifeless and colorless room into a beautiful haven. 

Their increasing popularity has caught the eye of various scientists and researchers. They found that their absence can increase physical and mental stress.

They also found that the presence of indoor plants in houses and offices can increase one's mood and productivity.

You can also notice their use in hospitals. They aid with patients' visual stimulation and guarantee a faster recovery.

Bringing them inside your house might feel like a chore at first. However, you will fall in love with them once you reap their unique benefits.

Depending on your aesthetic and your availability to take care of them, there are many options to choose from.

If you're more of a lazy type you can try plants like Pothos, Yucca, Peace Lilies, and Aloe. These need minimal care while still being visually pleasing.

On the other hand, if you have a natural talent for gardening, you can try small Arabic Coffee Plants, Anthuriums, and Crocodile Ferns.

Your home's decoration is important

It's easy sometimes to neglect the space that we live in. Some people only see their apartments or houses as space to sleep.

But sleep is not the only thing that can put your mind and spirit to rest. Your space's aura is also important, whether you're awake or not.

That's why it's important to take care of your place. Because it's not there to only help you rest your body.

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Alexandra Adascalitii.