How to stay boho chic during the fall

Halloween is just around the corner, and for most of us, we're deep in the Autumn season. The days of cute, thin boho tops are officially over and we are all bringing out our coats.

But, you don't need to leave your chic, bohemian style, behind. With only a few adjustments to your wardrobe and some nice accessories, you can keep your favorite style even during the winter months.

Invest in flare jeans

Our favorite jeans are back in fashion! They are very comfortable (unlike skinny jeans) and extremely flattering. Especially if they're high waist, they can create an optical illusion that makes your legs look longer and thinner than they actually are. Pair them with a nice pair of high heel boots in warm brown colors for extra points!

Meet the shawl

The shawl is a piece of clothing that comes right from the depths of India. It is meant to be worn over your shoulders, though you can see women wearing it around their heads in India.

Their thickness and patterns vary, so you can opt for a thick one with warm colors and a nice embroidery to throw over your shoulders on a chilly day. You'll be surprised by how warm they can be!


Our favorite fall item, ponchos have quite the history behind them. They were originally worn by Native Americans since pre-Hispanic times and are now widely popular in South America.

They are warm and comfortable while still being chic and fashionable. Pick them in warm neutral colors to compliment your outfits while keeping yourself safe from cold winds.

Opt for knitted accessories

Knitted accessories not only look really boho, they are also very chic and warm. Additionally, you can opt to get them handmade. Handmade items not only are unique, they are also environmentally friendly!

For this fall, grab knitted gloves, scarves and beanies to enhance your outfits. Prefer them in warm, eye-catching colors like burgundy and mustard.


Feathers are our all time favorite accessory for the colder months. They are an item held sacred by the Native Americans.

Feathers symbolize honor and respect, and they also bring you closer to nature, your roots.

Remember to always choose synthetic feathers for your outfits and accessories. There's nothing that brings you closer to nature than protecting it.